Re-mosque-ing” is the process of returning to a mosque following any period of disengagement from the mosque or Islamic center. Share your reasons for returning, the obstacles you face, or suggestions you have for women who have been shunned or left out of mosque communities. Perhaps you are still wary of your local mosque. Perhaps your children are now old enough for you to be able to enjoy a calm Taraweeh. Perhaps you still have to pray in an undignified space. Perhaps you are not ready for re-mosque-ing. We would like to hear all of these stories and more. Re-mosque-ing is your chance to reflect, explore and share.

Please share your stories, tweets, FB posts, photographs, or artwork reflecting your experience in returning to the mosque. You are welcome to post directly to the Re-mosque-ing FB page or on Twitter with the #remosqueing hashtag. We are also still offering you the option to write an article-style piece for publishing on our website. Please see our article submission guidelines and visit our website to read past submissions.
You will also learn more about the Mosque Access Project (MAP), an initiative aimed to enable Muslim women worldwide to share their mosque experiences.

We respect your privacy, if you would like for us to post on your behalf, please send us your thoughts via email or private message.

Women In Islam, Inc. has been working to make mosques more accessible and friendly towards women for over a decade. In 2005, we helped author the first published analysis of women’s access to mosques and guidelines for building women-friendly mosques in North America. Add a direct link to the brochure here. WII, Inc. continues to serve as a pioneer in advocating for the dignity of women in mosques and other Muslim sacred spaces. It is one of our goals at Women in Islam, Inc. to help Muslim women get back their rightful and dignified place in the Mosques of the world. It is a Prophetic tradition. The re-mosque-ing project serves as a window into the Muslim woman’s mosque experience, beginning with this Ramadan.

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