Robina Niaz

Recipient of the 2006 Compass Award

Robina Niaz is a social worker with extensive management and field experience and has dedicated the last 13 years advocating for women’s rights and victims of domestic violence. After 9/11 she expanded her work to include the backlash on the Muslim community especially women and children. Responding to the intense and urgent need in the Muslim community, Robina founded Turning Point for Women and Families in December 2004 and serves as its Executive Director. She was honored by the Queens Borough President in March 2006 for her service to the Muslim community and has received additional fellowships and awards.

In the past Robina managed and ran programs serving women at organizations such as New York Association for New Americans’ Center for Women and Families and Victims Services (now Safe Horizon), and also served on the boards of others, including SAKHI for South Asian Women, Queens Women’s Center, and Not In Our Name. She has also served as the Domestic Violence Consultant to the Islamic Center of Long Island and Social Work Consultant to the Islamic Circle of North America/ICNA-Relief. She currently serves on the board of the Muslim Consultative Network. Robina has an M.S. in Applied Psychology from Pakistan and an MSW from Hunter College.