Rasheeda Abdul Hakeem

Recipient of the 2005 Compass Award

Reverted to Islam over 30 years ago, Sr. Rasheeda has had the opportunity to study with local teachers and scholars in order to learn about Islam and practice it. She is the mother of two sons and supportive of Islamic education for youth and adults. She studied natural medicine and nutrition before coming into the Deen and rapidly became interested in Islamic references to health, which she read about and researched. Her interest in Islamic medicine and science prompted her to establish the Islamic Wellness Institute in 1991. The establishment of the Islamic Wellness Institute has promoted interest in Islamic medicine, nutrition and science. The Wellness Institute offers a series of workshops including, “The History of Islamic Medicine, Nutrition, Science”, “Healthy Food Preparation and Cooking”, and “Vegetable and Fruit Juicing”. Sr. Rasheeda also has written articles in various papers and newsletters and is an occasional guest on New York radio. As part of her work with the Wellness Institute, services such as personal and family counseling and referrals have become a big part of her work.

In addition to her volunteer work with the Wellness Institute, Sr. Rasheeda works full-time for the Islamic Circle of North America Relief (ICNA Relief). Her job entails counseling and providing information on employment, financial assistance, education and career training for individuals affected by 9/11 as well as for the general community. This work for ICNA Relief includes the development and coordination of resource workshops to share information with the broader Muslim community.