Potri Ranka Manis

Recipient of the 2012 Compass Award

Potri Ranka Manis Queano Nur is the Founder/Artistic Director and Tradition-Bearer of Kinding Sindaw, and a Storyteller). In July 23,2005 Potri was enthroned as Bai a Labi a Gaus sa Borocot by the representatives from the 17 Pagawidan a Ranao in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur.

Born and raised in the Southern Philippines, she is a daughter of the late Sultan a Gaus of the Royale House of Borocot the 15th Pagawidan of the Pat Pengempong a Ranao. She also learned the traditions of the neighboring indigenous communities She was commissioned by PETA (Philippine Educational Theatrical Association) to write Lemlunay originally as a play. in 1983. An award-winning poet-playwright, she has published Sandstorm in Jeddah , a collection of poetry of her experiences in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recent works include: Conceived, Directed and choreographed: Bembaran with Perang sa Bayang Intertwined© (2007/LaMaMa), Sultan Kudarat© (2005/LaMaMa), Parang Sabil©(2004/LaMaMa), Lemlunay© (2003/LaMaMa), Rajah Mangandiri© (2000/LaMaMa), Irimun O Banag©, Pandibulan (2010/LaMaMa) and Disappeared. She founded Panata and co-authored and performed the Oratoyo-Bells of Balanggiga and acted a lead role in Dis-oriented, a feature film of Francisco Aliwalas. She was in Draupadi directed by Ellen Stewart, La Mama Great Jones Repertoire. She is a artist-teacher faculty of Lotus Fine Arts. She a practioner of Theater of the Oppressed and a producer and actor in Newyorkustan directed by Steven de Castro. Potri is an artist-activist who campaigns for self-determination of the Moro and indigenous people. She is a resident Artist of LaMaMa, Experimental Theater Club.

Potri is also a Board Certified Medical- Surgical Registered Nurse. As a Nurse –Educator, Critical Care , Holistic Nurse, she created the healing modality called Resilient Ancestral Nurturing Knowledge and Arts (R.A.N.K.A.®). She is a member of the Philippines Nurses Association of New York, Founding Board of Director of Kalusugan Coalition, Board of Director of New York City Community Health Network.

Potri is a recipient of the following awards and recognition: Gawad Award-Cultural Center of the Philippines, Carlos Bulosan award of Migrante Philippines for poetry, Association of Women Consul of New York, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall recognition, and Fansclub recognition of Excellence. Kinding Sindaw, the organization she founded received 2010 Philippine Presidential Banaag Award.