Monami Maulik

Recipient of the 2013 Compass Award

Monami Maulik was born in Kolkata, India and grew up in the Bronx. She has been an immigrant and human rights organizer for over 15 years. After graduating from Cornell University in 1996, she began organizing in New York City for workers, youth, racial and global justice, and police accountability. From 1997-2000, she was an Organizing Committee member of the NY Taxi Workers’ Alliance and then worked as Director for TICO (Training Institute for Careers in Organizing). Monami has served on various social justice boards including: Same Boat Coalition, United for Peace and Justice, Grassroots Global Justice, Racial Justice 911, and the NYC Organizing Support Center.

In 2000, Monami founded DRUM- Desis Rising Up & Moving as one of the first low-income South Asian community-based organizations for social justice in the U.S. Since then, she has served as the Executive Director and leads national and global campaign work. In 2001, Monami received the Union Square Award and the Open Society Institute Community Fellowship of the George Soros Foundation. In 2002, Monami received the Jane Bagely Lehman Award from the Tides Foundation “Honoring Post 9/11 Organizing for Immigrant Rights and Civil Liberties.”

She currently serves on the boards of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, the Dignity in Schools Campaign , United National Anti-War Committee, the U.S. NGO Coordinating Committee on Migration of the U.N., and the Advisory Board of the North Star Fund. She is published in Howard Zinn’s ‘Voices of a People’s History’, Left Turn, and the Journal of Race/Ethnicity. Ms. Maulik speaks to diverse audience nationally and internationally on migrant rights, civil rights, and human rights issues.