MAP Report #12

“Ramadan Reflections”

By Sara Bawla

It’s the best time of year,

to make dua and shed happy tears.

The doors of Jannah are open,

so there’s no time to be mopin’!

Allah is closest to you,

so make dua, that’s what Muslims do!

While the doors of Jahannam are shut,

the time to remember Allah should not be cut!

It is much easier to complete good deeds,

than in any other month indeed.

One good deed is to fast all day,

don’t worry, you will be okay!

No eating, no drinking for the sake of Allah,

until iftar time comes – that’s the law!

Take care of your parents, your siblings too,

because much reward will be given to you!

Some other religions fast, too,

but they don’t have suhoor, like me and you.

Our month is so very special, indeed,

so you have to be careful with it, you must be.

Don’t do anything bad, like backbite,

or (with anyone) have a fight.

No gossiping, no lying, and no watching TV,

it’s time to workship Allah, it’s not like it’s a fee!

If you are fasting, and you eat something by accident it’s okay,

Allah will forgive you, just don’t do it everyday.

Be grateful for everything that’s yours,

and don’t be cranky and start slamming doors.

Why waste your time all day,

eating and drinking away,

in this sacred month, you see,

when you could be making dua with me?

Knowing all this,

you can probably guess,

which month is this?

Ramadan, oh yes!