Aminah McCloud

Recipient of the 2005 Dr. Betty Shabazz Award

Dr. McCloud is an Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at DePaul University. Dr. McCloud is the author of four books and over twenty articles about a wide range of subjects, such as Islamic Law and Muslim women. Her books include The Religion and Philosophy of the Nation of Islam, Immigrant American Islam, African American Islam, and Questions of Faith: A Guide for Muslim Prisoners. She is a Fulbright Scholar, an Islamic Legal Expert, and current managing editor of the Journal of Islamic Law and Culture. Dr. McCloud is the founder of the Islam in America Conference at DePaul University, which houses the Journal of Islamic Law and Culture and the Islam in America Archives.

Dr. McCloud is also a member of the Centre for Islamic Studies in Oxford, a board member of Iqra Foundation, and a board member of “The Healing Project” at Boston University Hospital. She consults for various encyclopedia projects on Muslims in America and Islam. Dr. McCloud has received grants from the Ford Foundation, Illinois Humanities Council, Graham Architecture Foundation and the Lilly Foundation for her work. One of her current projects, Muslims in the Midwest, is affiliated with the Harvard Pluralism Project and explores the contemporary social and political status in St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago, Cedar Rapids, and Detroit.