WOMEN IN ISLAM, INC.’S “Women’s Access and Inclusion at the Mosque”

I. Attitude Towards The Mosque

On a scale of 1 (not welcome at all) to 10 (completely welcome and accepted)
please rate how welcome you feel at your local mosque.

II. Mosque Facilities

Our Mosque has a space for women to pray
on Fridays for Jummah prayers
We have separate entrances for men and women
Our Mosque has handicap accessible entrances
and facilities
Women are allowed to pray in the main area with
the men
Women have a separate room to pray
There is a partition between the men
and women’s spaces
Our sound system and speakers work properly
We have a separate room/ area for children
If you answered YES to the question above,
is the children’s space monitored by a
responsible and authorized adult
I feel that the facilities for women are
equal to the facilities offered for the men
at our Mosque
Our Mosque maintains a clean prayer space
and clean bathroom facilities for women
Women are involved in the upkeep and the
decoration of our Mosque
Our Mosque is respectful of and caters to
the needs of the disabled and elderly
Women regardless of their socioeconomic
backgrounds are welcome and treated as
equals at our Mosque
I consider our Mosque to be a safe space
for women and their familiese

III.Mosque Resources and Programming

Our Mosque offers programming for women as well
as for men on Fridays for Jummah prayers
We invite female scholars and/ or activists and
educators to make presentations at our Mosque
Women are on the planning committee for Mosque
There are currently women on the Board of Directors
at our Mosque the men
Women can vote at our Mosque
The kutbahs which the imams generally deliver
are tailored for the needs of both men and women
and address women respectfully and women’s spaces
Women have access to the imam or other male
speakers to make comments, ask questions, or
raise their concerns after programs
Our Mosque offers counseling services or
referral services for family related issues
and emergencies
We have a female counselor available for women


On a scale of 1-10, where 1 means less than desirable and 10 means excellent,
please click the number that best describes how you feel about the way your
Masjid includes women:


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thoughts, concerns, and are here to assist you:



*** Would you be willing to have additional conversations with a representative of Women In Islam, Inc. to discuss ways to increase the participation of women and youth in your Masjid? on Fridays for Jummah prayers
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