Mosque Access Project 2015:

Ramadan Reflections

For a second year in a row, Women In Islam, Inc. is pleased to announce the Ramadan launch of the Mosque Access Project (MAP), an initiative aimed to enable Muslim women from across the globe to share their mosque experiences and discuss strategies to strengthen equal access to religious spaces.

Several Ramadan Community Reports will be posted on the WII website and blog to feature stories from Muslim women around the world. If you are interested in submitting a Ramadan Community Report, please see our submission guidelines here. You can also learn more about MAP here. As we build our initiative, we will continue to post Community Reports throughout the year. 

In 2005, Women In Islam, Inc. helped author the first published analysis of women's access to mosques and guidelines for building women-friendly mosques in North America. WII continues to serve as a pioneer in advocating for the dignity of women in mosques.